Dresscode NYC is located in New York City. We specialize in cocktail dresses for a mostly youthful female wait staff, including bartenders, hostesses and waitresses.  Most of the products we sell are designed and manufactured in our New York factory. The materials and fabrics are sourced both domestically and internationally. Our clients consist of hotels, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

We are dedicated to giving our clients personal attention no matter what size company you happen to be. We have a young, creative design team that can help with your waitstaff's dress code. We pride ourselves on making innovative uniforms which function highly while paying extra attention to fit and fabric.

We realize coming up with a uniform concept and sourcing them is a harrowing ordeal that often gets left to the last minute. Often times an employee will have to run out and buy items from a retail store. The problem with buying retail is selection and size are limited. Even if something satisfactory is found - items are often discontinued shortly after they are bought and cannot be replaced again. Here we will keep all patterns on file so you can reorder a continuous look for years to come.